Trick To Get Unlimited NETFLIX Free Trials in India

Trick To Get Unlimited NETFLIX Free Trials in India

I think after Releasing Sacred Games , Netflix Gonna Make Some space in indian hearts , but still not everybody afford Netflix monthly charges here in India .

And i think everyone of you aware of that , Netflix Provide  1 Month Free Trial and May Be you used that , But What After you use all your creidt and debit cards .

Don’t Worry By the trick i am going to explain , you can get free trials for unlimited times till Netflix Didn’t Find Out This loophole..

i am Gonna Name This Trick , Ashwathama Netflix Trick .

So  Lets Begin ..

Things Required For This Trick To Work

  1. Fresh or Not Used Gmail account 
  2. State Bank Account With online Banking enabled (Required For Generating e-card / virtual card)

Trick To Get Unlimited NETFLIX Free Trials in India

Step 1 – Login To your SBI online Banking Account 

Step 2Create a e-card By Going on  e-Service > e-card

Step 3Click on State Bank virtual Card

Step 4-  Enter The Amount You want in your e-card or Virtual Card

( Note – Don’t add more than 100 rs , you can add but we adding 100rs just because that required minimum amount , and also these 100rs will be back in your bank account in 48 hours )

Step 5 – Click on Generate and you will have to verify  otp

Step 6- And after that you will get your vrtual card , which you can use for activating your 1 month Free Trial Again !!

Step 7 –  Go to netflix , Setup Fresh Account , and Use the state Bank e-card for activating Netflix Free 1 month trial once again !!


P.S i have tried Entropay Virtual Card and Many other Virtual card Available in India , Some of them didn’t work on netflix and some required high amount , so i found state Bank e-card Best and aslo you can generate these e-card unlimited times… 

“Apun KO Lagta hai ki Sala Apun ich Bhagwan hai ” – Gaitonde


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