Move/Migrate Vesta CP User Data to another Server

Hope you all using 100 $ free Digital ocean Free Credit Properly¬†ūüėú !!

In this article m gonna tell you How to Move/Migrate Vesta CP User Data to another Server  (Vesta Control pannel)

Okay So after  2 months , May be you gonna fresh start with 100$ credit again , but its very  hard to migrate your site  , specially for wordpress sites (i have more than 5-6 sites hosted on digital ocean)

as i am new to all this  Control pannel , website migrations and server stuff so here i am also telling my scenario , in which i performed this migration work properly .

My Scenario:-

  1. My Droplet Specification –¬† 2 GB¬†Memory¬†/¬†50 GB¬†Disk¬†/¬†BLR1¬†–¬†Ubuntu 16.04.4 x64
  2. Have installed Vesta cp
  3. on vesta cp i have setup around 5-6 wordpress sites
  4. Last Tested in November 2018


Requirements :- 

  1. Putty – Download From Here
  2. Root Acess Of Old And New Server
  3. a lot of patience


So here is the way to migrate¬† all sites with some simple steps –


Alert РBefore all this i have also tried official Guide to Migrate all User data of vesta cp to new server , But those commands not worked because of some directory updates  , hopefully i am Able to figure out proper location of backup in server , So i have Mentioned those Commands Which I used in Migration Process


  1. Fire Up Putty Login as root (old server)
  2. Make user backup on the old server. In this example we will use admin as the reference (Most of the Time its admin or you can write the particular user name you wanna migrate )
    v-backup-user admin

    This will make a .tar file (compressed backup file ) in your ‘ /backup/ ‘ on server

  3. Copy tarball to the new server and place it in the /backup/ directory
    scp /backup/admin.20XX-XX-XX.tar new-server:/backup/
  4. Restore backup on the new server
    v-restore-user admin admin.20XX-XX-XX.tar


If you stuck anywhere , or got any problem make a comment below i will try to help you out !!





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