How to Resume Expired or Failed Downloads in UC Browser

How to Resume Expired or Failed Downloads in UC Browser ?

Okay So If you are Here ,after Searching On Google for Fixing Failed Download in UC browser Or how to resume Failed Or expired Download in Uc Browser  , Then Ofourse you are a Smart Ass . Cause this Will Help You in Saving your time and Data .

So Lets Begin.

First Make This Sure , when you are trying to resume your Download Its showing an Error (Retrying) as Shown in image below

If You Getting Error Like  This then your are at right place to Fix This Failed download Error in UC Browser , ok now check Below For Further Steps For Fixing  this .

Things You Need Before Fixing Expired links or failed Download in UC Browser 

  1. A File Explorer – Any Basic File Explorer will Work , But i Recommend ES File Explorer
  2. Your Brain  – Most Important Thing you need For Resume Failed Download .

Steps For Resume Expired or Failed Downloads in UC Browser

Step 1 – Open  Uc Downloads folder in your file manager

Step 2 In  that  folder you will see the two files with the same name ( one is main file and another file is temprory which have .dltemp extension  )

Step 3 –  Move both files in another folder.

Step 4 –After That open Uc Browser and copy the download link of your file.(important)

Step 5  – Delete the file from Uc Browser’s download section.

Step 6 –  Start downloading the same file again from the  link which you copied earlier

 ( note – Now you will see that file download starts from the beginning. )

Step 7 – But don’t download it again, When file downloaded  500kb – 1mb  , Then Pause the downloading file.

Step 8 – Now Open file manager and go to UCDownloads folder.

Step 9 – Now delete new downloaded file and Paste those 2 Files Which you moved in another folder at Step 3 

Step 10 – After that , open UCBrowser and resume.

hmmm ,  its Working And You Smart Dude …Make It Happen , Enjoy !!

Still If you got any problem , you can make a comment below and i’ill try to help you ASAP And if it worked then you can thank me by making a comment Below !! 

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