Best Plugins For Making a PrintShop Market Place on WordPress


Recently , i have searching about making a Online PrintShop or you can say custom desgined products store and as i am not into coding and stuff , so m looking for some php script or some Drag and Drop platform , and during research i found out lots of solutions like Opencart webtoPrint Addon and php based script called printlogic by iscript and there is also an option for the most loved cms platform , yes you already know it because of title of this article (WordPress)

So there are two choices , actually more than two but here i am gonna discuss about the two stable plugins i found for making Online Printshop on wordpress core .

1. Lumise Product Desginer

This Plugin is good choice for setting up your marketplace on wordpress , Also they have plugins and scripts for other platforms too like shopify , opencart and a php based standalone script Too , the good thing i found about this plugin is that it have unlimited extendabilty , because Lumise also provide some paid Addons for extending the features of there product desginer tool .

2. Fancy Product Designer

This plugin is one of the most famous Plugin or most selling plugin in its category on codecanyon and aslo this have plugin for shopify too , the desginer tool in this plugin is user friendly and responsive too.


You can give a try to both and choose the one which suits you best , both of them provide demo before purchase , So i suggest you to check out the feaures and usability before Buying and one them !!


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