Best Free WordPress Plugins 2020


The aim of making this list is, so much that you can understand each plug-in according to its function, due to which it is easy to use.

Plug-in is an important contribution from the creation of any website to running. If you do not know the coding before, then it was a difficult task to get the website up and running, but now it is not so. in) There are already coded tools by software engineers who can run any website in automatic mode.

If we talk about WordPress, then thousands of plug-ins are available for this, whatever feature you need in your WordPress website, then you will have to do a little research for it and according to your need, free Or paid (plug-in) will be available.

Whenever a website is created, it is completely empty, now you can change it through a plug-in in a blog, e-commerce or simple website of the company.

There are many companies that make plug-ins only. I have collected some best free WordPress plugins and its features in one place based on my experience, maybe some of your work could be done.

Following is a list of important best free WordPress plugins.

1 – Contact Form 7 – It is number one in the best free WordPress plugins because it is used in almost every blog, the contact form 7 plug-in is used to create a contact us page in a WordPress website. It has both free and paid versions, but the number of users using the free version is more.

2 – Woo Commerce – If you want to create an eCommerce website on WordPress (website development) then the woo commerce plug-in is very important. It has made it very easy to make an eCommerce website. It has got everything from the payment gateway to product display.

3- Google Analytics – The best plug-in is for how many people are coming to your website, who is viewing the what page, how many clicks are there and according to user experience and how to make your website great. Google Analytics (Google Analytics). Through this plug-in, you can do data analysis of your website. That is why it is named in the list of free and best plugins.

4 – Tuxedo – Whenever we create a WordPress website, its uploading space is very less, around 2MB (2 MB) when we upload an image, theme or plugin download space Due to the lack of POS is not possible, through this plug-in you can increase the space of your website up to 1 TB (1tb).

Once I started to create a WordPress website, then it was very helpful to increase the space of the blog, only then got this plug-in, it is very effective and easy, I have been using it till date. Therefore it is included in the list of best free WordPress plugins.

5 – Yoast SEO – The most trusted plug-in for SEO today is Yoast SEO. To check the SEO of the content of your website, Yoast SEO is used, both free and paid versions are available. If you want, then initially you can run your work using only the free version.

Through the Yoast SEO plug-in, you can check all the parameters of your content such as which words have an article, how many are the focus keywords, how much is the title of the article optimized, etc.

If you are a small blogger right now and are learning blogging and SEO, then its free version is more than enough for you. Its paid version also comes but till date, I have not seen such a great SEO specialist free plugin, that’s why it is my choice among the best WordPress plugins.


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